Lots of younger guys have fantasies of cougar women

hot cougarsMany a young guy has fantasies of dating cougar women. It’s not their fault. Cougars are hot, and these hot cougars can make you sweat, literally, in the bedroom.

Cougar dating is the new “in thing” and people sometimes tend to think of having a little fun and mixing things up sexually. You rarely hear a man saying that he wants to sleep with a woman 15 years older than him; both these men do exist, in abundance. What goes into making these women, over 40 and sometimes 50 years old, so desirable? It’s more than just mere physicality, it hovers on the border of imagination, and that is why it’s so alluring.

Many young men foster the idea that an older woman knows what she wants in the sex department and they’re more than eager to give it to them. If you have an older woman, it translates to less anxiety and nervousness in bed. Their partners can also be more free and expressive. However, be warned that this is the case of an alpha cougar, who is dominant and assertive. Beta cougars will seek you out for companionship, rather than regular sex.

It’s not all about experience, according to studies; a man is wired in such a way that the arousal is centred on the bigger picture. By including emotional baggage, he tends to get overloaded. Older women have the advantage of “been there, done that”, so emotional baggage doesn’t come into the picture. They project the image of enjoying no frills sex, have secure and established careers and would never want to muddy the waters.


Older women have less inhibitions when it comes to sex, because chances are that they will want to try out something that is new and interesting, there being no true emotional connect or formal bond with the cub. A lot of them have casual flings, moving from cub to cub. For the cub’s, it’s like a scouts badge, having flagged a cougar successfully.

If you date a cougar, rich and successful, get ready for the ride of your life. She’ll spell out the terms and conditions of the relationship. These could include an allowance to keep you on her retainer list and the occasional present thrown in to show her satisfaction. Expect to attend a lot of top end parties and gatherings where you should be dressed properly and act accordingly. She’ll enjoy showing you off as her latest acquisition, and you get too meet a lot of rich and powerful people who move in the right circles. These contacts could help in your future growth as you start a career. So it’s never one sided. However, you do have to keep in mind that you have to be prompt an on time, and never neglect her when she calls for you. That would be an insult to her and the relationship.

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Many younger men get tired of the games they have to play with a girl to get her attention and affection, and it’s still five hundred miles to go before they score. And that too if they’re lucky! Younger women are inhibited and not sticklers for kinks generally. There’s too much emotional entanglement with women of their age, along with a lot of responsibilities. A lot of young men don’t have time for that, and would rather do it with an older woman, a sleek and sexy cougar, to be precise.

Having fantasies about cougar women are okay. They’re the stuff fantasies are made up of, and if you feel you have it in you, go for it.

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