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Odessa womenBefore we proceed with the generic description of Odessa women, it is essential that we look back at the history of this fantastic city because it had played a very important role in determining the today’s appearance and cultural background of Odessa women.

The city of Odessa is one of the key ports of the Ukraine and is sometimes referred to as the capital of the south of the Ukraine. The inhabitants of the city are characterized by their specific sense of humour, emotions, generosity and other features. Odessa women, therefore, do not only inherit these characteristics, but also femininity, charm, cheerfulness and endless energy.

Nowadays, due to the exuberant past, many nations have mixed their blood with other nations resulting in a separate nation with its unique genetic code which now gives birth to such wonderful women.

The natural characteristics that are gifted to Odessa women since they are born, are enhanced by their will to remain beautiful all the time, disregarding weather conditions and circumstances. The reason for that is due to the lack of men. Each Odessa woman is afraid of being lonely her whole life because men die too quickly. The average life expectancy of women in Odessa is significantly higher than that of men. Therefore, conquering a man’s heart is a competition or it can be better described by applying the proverb “survival of the fittest”. IF she is fit and beautiful, then she will win that competition and get married. If not, well, the destiny is not that bright, regarding the current situation in the Ukraine.cultural background of Odessa women

Now we might better concentrate on the cultural background which is also very important. Nonetheless, the constant influx of different cultures and nationalities to Odessa, has not changed the traditional values that lay the foundations of the Ukrainian culture. There has been some deterioration due to the globalization process, but it has not been that noticeable in Odessa. So, we want to say that Odessa women are still focused on getting married and creating a strong and happy family. They are ready to sacrifice everything that they have in order to protect their families and beloved ones. Odessa women have no fear to face any challenges. The key is that their husbands should be with them. Thereby, Odessa women are very family-oriented and like to have a lot of children and take care of them. This is quite surprising because the world’s values have now shifted in favour of independence of each individual and that everyone should be focused on their careers rather than families. This is not the case with Odessa women that have been brought up in a completely different environment. They will never betray their husbands or abandon their children.

To sum up, if you are looking for a perfect wife and mother for your children, then Odessa is the right place where you should try to find your only love.