– meet your lovely Russian girlfriend online

meet your lovely Russian girlfriend onlineBased on the social studies stats, most of the people are active users of different social media. Of those, more than half has approached the so called dating services, which help you find a partner for…well, basically, whatever you please.

With regards to me, the numbers don’t lie. I’m an avid social media user, having profiles on several platforms, including the dating oriented. And I try new ones from time to time. They say, old habits die hard and I guess that’s true.

The latest such online service is called Based on my previous experience, you can find all kinds of smokescreen websites on the Internet, leading to scams and shit like that. From my short experience with, it looks legitimately real. This IS a dating platform.

The specialty of this very service, as you may see from the name, is facilitating your goal of meeting Russian bride. I don’t know why, but ladies from Ukraine and Moldova are present as well. I’ve seen other dating sites involving girls from a specific nation or location. I’ll speak for myself, but Russian women, I do like them more and prefer them to other girls (Asians, Latinas, Eastern Europeans, etc.).russian dating platform

Nominally, the service is free. However this is a deceiving concept. Only the registration process is free. In order to get the taste of things you must upload your photo. But the real fun begins once the subscription is paid. There are two types of subscriptions, Gold and Platinum, the last one providing access to the so called Premium benefits – higher rate of reply, more first letters, invisibility mode, usability. The website interface is simplistic and offers good usability. The search function has all the fields you need to specify the girl you seek. I’ve seen that it’s possible to search for men profiles as well, but I didn’t try that one for obvious reasons.

Searching yields A LOT of matches, which seem to be real. Profile pages are very precise, giving you a good overview of a girl’s personality. Categories like Main info (a general information), Lifestyle (a selection of leisure and fun related preferences based on relevant questions), Psychological Compatibility (you have to pass the specifically designed psychological test with custom algorithm), Preferences (basically, what kind of person the girl would like to meet, in terms of appearance, behavior patterns, etc.), Hobbies (that says it all), Awards (some sort of award or medal for the girl’s on-site activity, or something) and, finally, Responses to some questions (again, no comments). It’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t have any legal trouble as has an age filter not allowing accounts of girls younger than 18.


On a practical side, the whole experience is very smooth, I had no trouble searching and finding the girls. You can easily find the one to your liking, and the communication process is easy as well. I’m not sure as to how serious they are, but I guess you COULD find a wife there. Also, I don’t know if they keep track of successful matches found through their service, but I’m sure there is a significant amount of relationships started on

The interaction with support is easy-flowing too. It is stated that user feedback is normally responded to within 24 hours, however those couple of times I addressed them, their response was pretty quick, within 2-3 hours.

There’s one feature I specifically pay attention to and that’s the presence of advertising. Or in this case, a lack thereof. Which is a win for me, of course, as it makes the usability and user experience in general more clean and seamless.


On a final note, my review of is:

Good, very good, much better than most of its peers.