Ten Tips to Avoid Russian Dating Scams

No doubt it is good to be a part of Russian dating website to find someone amazing and good, but that does not mean that you need to trust all or any random dating website. First of all, there are a lot of Russian dating scams that have taken place in the past and hence, you should always be extremely careful about your moves.

If you have been through a few Russian dating scams or are planning to avoid them, here are the top ten tips that you need to remember and use to be safe and sound on all the dating websites:

  • Don’t fall in love with a random person: The first thing to avoid Russian dating scams is to not fall in love with any random person. Understand different people and then find out who is the best one from the list, to date.
  • Pay attention to each and every little thing written on the profile of a person: When you go through a person’s profile, you understand if he is good and safe enough to be dated or not.
  • Trust your instincts or gut feeling: If something inside of you tells you that the person seems to be fake, BLOCK HIM OR HER RIGHT AWAY! Nothing means more than your instinct!
  • Repeatedly look at the picture of the person you like or likes you: Is the picture too good to be true? If it looks overly good, avoid Russian dating scams by not believing that you are actually talking to the person in the picture.
  • Do not fall for anything that does not satisfy your mind or heart: If there is something that does not satisfy you, do not continue talking to the person no matter how promising he or she sounds.
  • Verify the person’s identity to ensure that you know who you are planning to date: There are different ways in which you can verify the same – go ahead and try different modes.
  • Talk on the phone: Before meeting a person, it is good to talk to him or her.
  • If internet can have you killed, it can save you too: Don’t fall for Russian dating scams by meeting someone you barely know; use a good search engine to get information about the person.
  • Don’t fall for someone, who asks for monetary help: NEVER give money to someone you meet on a dating website.
  • Keep your personal data protected: Don’t share your personal details with someone you are yet to completely trust.